Early morning, home.

Early morning, home.

In the house where the spices were stored, Nanjing Night Net woke up from the sit-in and smiled helplessly. “Oh, it still doesn’t work.”

In the past week, he feels reiki as soon as he is free, and he has even found some so-called internal forces on the Internet, hoping to learn from it. Unfortunately, no egg was used, and Aura was always floating in the air and would not be close to the slightest point.

It can be said that he is now not only physically strong, but with clear-headedness and no difference from ordinary people. His heart is clear, there is no corresponding law, after all, is not official entry.

In fact, Nanjing Night Net has always been puzzled. How can it be suddenly set in a modern society? Fat brother in the end picked from the red fruit? Where is there no other heavenly treasure?

He especially wanted to find out. The squirrel didn’t understand people’s words, and they didn’t get their own meaning.

However, fortunately, there is a way to make incense. Since that night, he has discovered that the mood in making incense is indistinguishable from certain realm. After each completion, I felt a sense of refinement, although it was only a small, small piece.

If in the past, absolutely not aware of it, but under the role of aura, they realized the kind of faint changes.


The bell still reluctantly walked. The Nanjing night website got up and went to the yard to get some rest. Then he prepared the goods for today.

The instant noodles and ham were not sold for a long time and PSS was lost. The remaining mustard, mineral water is an essential, tea egg is the core, corn is relatively fixed, about 20 sticks a day.

In addition, he held a box containing three sachets.

He is now making incense fast and he has to do more with it. The sachets are filled with a variety of spices that can be hung on the bedside and can be carried around with a light floral scent.

Nanjing Night Net deliberately went out later, driving the car to the foot of the mountain, slowly walking up and down, went halfway, suddenly put his fingers into the mouth, blowing a whistle.

The sharp whistle fell shortly afterwards, and he listened to Linzhong’s knowledge of Sosuo’s ring. A gray-haired squirrel swam to the front.

“Fat brother, early!”

He greeted him, and the squirrel responded, jumping to the burden with flexibility that was completely inconsistent with his shape. The burden on the right sank and he suddenly grinned.

“Oh, you’re at least three or four pounds.”

“You said you are not ashamed to see how long people are.”

“What will you do with your goods in the future? Why are you the male mother of the public?”


After one by one, the squirrel was very annoyed and slammed a few times, almost shaking the load.

One person and one mouse went up the hill and reached the little flat ground. The fat sibling slams and jumps to the next tree. It is still a peasant’s virtue.

Nanjing Night Net unloaded shelf pans, agile support stands. A fire broke out, and a few sticks of old corn braved in the pan, boiled tea leaves on the ground, and steamed with carbon.

He handed out a few peanuts and threw them one by one on the tree. The quasi-throwing, the more accurate, then one by one of the fat brother and then plug into the mouth. The gangs don’t know what they’re doing, just like Viking’s pockets, properly crafted black technology.

After feeding the squirrel, he sat on Mazza and brushed through a plastic bag containing the cake he had cooked last night.

If someone is here, they will see such a scene: under a lush tree, a guy carrying a cake, a squirrel carrying a peanut, and a few buzzing exchanges, it’s just not going to work.

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