Nanjing Night Net took a camera and yelled at the couple hugging at the side of the guardrail. In the heart, they pulled out the face of a single dog and laughed, “Okay.”

“Three tea eggs, two bottles of water.”


“How much is corn?”

“Three dollars one, five dollars.”

“Oh, then come two.”

“Hey, boss, can you take a picture for us?”

“No problem, where to shoot?”

Nanjing Night Net took a camera and yelled at the couple hugging at the side of the guardrail. In the heart, they pulled out the face of a single dog and laughed, “Okay.”

“thank you boss!”

“You’re welcome.”

Afternoon, the old cattle back the rest area. This will be the time for the most visitors, from the morning to climbing, according to the average schedule, just arrived at this time.

Phoenix Mountain’s largest rest area is in the Mid-Levels, with many tourists and vendors. Nanjing Night Net was a latecomer and couldn’t grab a position.

It is a pros and cons. Although it is remote, it is the only rest point at a height. It belongs to a single business.

The benefits of warmer weather are particularly evident. There are more tourists today than there were yesterday. Less than two o’clock, Nanjing night net preparation material has sold almost, only a few broken eggs and a small stick of corn.

After three consecutive rounds of tourists, the noisy scene was quiet. He used to pick up the cockroach, collect the scattered garbage, and picked up several empty bottles.

It is not high quality, but I can not see this mess, the hypocritical point of view, called Jie.

Listening is especially funny. A local tyrant, a white-collar worker, a teacher, and a college student have cleanliness. This is normal. But there is a squeaky shit on the hill. Please, don’t you even have the same pixels?


Nanjing Night Net throws empty bottles into a woven bag, which has already been loaded and can be replaced by a few bucks. He took advantage of Mazar to sit down and play mobile phones while waiting for guests.

Xu is the peak has passed, the tour group never seen again, only idle visitors in twos and threes. He simply did not bother to sell, picked up the great corn and started eating his own lunch.

“Hey, life goes all the way together. Whoever pumps SSR is a dog!”

The mobile father’s signal was good. He stunned the game for a while, and his face was forced to withdraw. Obviously, the liver had an egg pain.




He just put the corn cob in the trash bag, and he heard a familiar call and turned his head. The big squirrel in the morning was behind him.

It seems strange to use the word to describe it, but it does.

His hind legs bent and his upper body stood upright. His head flashed like a big tail wolf. The most amazing thing is that it has a crimson fruit in its front paws.

Seeing the human being looks over, its paws are loose. The fruit flutters to the ground and it rolls twice.


Nanjing Night Net watched it silently.


It silently looked at Nanjing Night Network.

Once again, the scene was very embarrassing. After a meeting, the squirrel may know that this stupid human intelligence is insufficient, then he bent his head and tipped his nose, and the squirrels rolled forward.

“Do you want to repay it? That’s not for me. It’s not a fox. The squirrel is a bit low!”

He knelt down and picked up the fruit while looking at it. This thing is a bit like a mountain red, smooth and delicate skin, without any spots, there is a hint of light fragrance.

This is not the way to come, I will not be surprised to eat it? In the blink of an eye, he flashed the names of a series of great philosophies like Billy Haylington, Sanada Yuzo, and Tristanbul Barbara…

Emma, ​​it’s just too exciting!


Nanjing Night Net is rather hesitant. The squirrel is in a hurry, and the string starts to scream. He thought for a second and thought. Well, the flowers and plants on the phoenix haven’t seen anything and are not toxic.

However, it was still washed. After all, a squirrel wanted to transport things. There was a second way to put aside the wood in the helpers. He rushed several times before he took his red fruit to his mouth and swallowed it without chewing.

I do not know whether the acid is sweet, bitter or astringent, only that red fruit into the throat, it seems like it did not digest in general, directly into a cool, into the stomach, into the five organs, into the limbs and hundreds of veins … … each cell, each meridian All of them are slowly moisturized, and they can’t tell you how wonderful it is.

With this wonderful deepening, Nanjing Night Net’s face gradually becomes dull, just like no living. The strange feeling of the body made him forget everything and even normal thinking has stopped.

It can be said that there is still a little consciousness in his mind. This consciousness is like a group of flames, and it wafts back and forth in an empty darkness. At the same time, the coolness is still running in the body. The two are like each other, and no one is willing to disperse.

I do not know how long it has been, and finally, that road cool enough to support the first, like a silver dragon suddenly went downstream, the goal is Nanjing Night Net’s pubic region.

At this moment, if he can look at himself, he can clearly see that a white gas is circling in the Dantian area and gradually forms a whirlpool.

The suction of the whirlpool grew bigger and stronger, and then it banged like something exploded – the white air disappeared completely and turned into a sea of ​​mist and fog.


For a long time, Nanjing Night Net opened its eyes and found itself lying on the ground inexplicably, but fortunately there was no one around. He stood up and shook his head, only to see clearly and clearly.

Swinging branches and leaves, wild grass sprouting, flying butterflies between flowers, the whole world has never been exquisite and full of life.

He didn’t know what happened, but he knew there must be something magical.


A small cry came again, and he glanced at the peasants on the ground. He was looking at his own mastiff squirrels and couldn’t help but be mad:

Do something! I have lived for 21 years and you actually changed my settings for me! ! !

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