Nanjing Night Net went down the hill and returned home, but there was no sense of hunger.

Nanjing Night Net went down the hill and returned home, but there was no sense of hunger.

However, he thought for a moment and he did a meal. It was very simple. The meat was fried with green bean sprouts and spinach soup. He had been with his grandfather since he was a child, and his homework skills were almost MAX. Even the needlework was perfect.

When the food came to the table, he took a cautious sip and scrutinized the product before he said to himself: “The taste hasn’t changed, and it’s not annoying. It’s not bad!”

Wooden method, he is really afraid of losing interest in whole grains, it is not as good as changing your brother.

While eating, Fang Qing’s little girl sneaked over to the net and sat in front of the computer and was refreshed. Nanjing Night Net looked straight and frowned and said a few words of heart, but was afraid of being heavy and thought, “Clear and sunny, how are you reviewing?”

“What can we do? The city of the conference should not learn if I should not.”

“Is that you sure?”

“No, I know what I’m doing myself, and I’m counting on the day of the test.” She was heartless.

“In case, I mean, if you don’t have good results, what are you going to do?” he continued.

“Then I…”

Fang Qing finally turned his head and his face changed. “I’ll go to technical school.”

Technical school?

Nanjing Night Net does not speak, technical secondary school, vocational high school, technical school, what kind of professional standards and school culture, and society knows. Fortunately, formal, most afraid of private money, drinking and fighting, skipping the Internet, sexual opening does not say, the key you can not learn anything.

He looked at him and he couldn’t do anything. The little girl does not love to learn, and the second is not that the mind, no matter what.

“Fang Qing!”

“Fang Qing!”

At this moment, a cry came from outside the door, and the little girl was startled and busy: “My mother called me, brother, I’m gone!”

She ran out of the house in a panic. Nanjing Night Web couldn’t help but sigh: Let her play the computer, it’s not the case; don’t let her play, and she sneaks to the Internet or something, and that’s worse. If you say to Fang Shu, get it and protect your family from accidents.

In short, it is.

After dinner and a short break, Nanjing Night Net went into the studio and began to make the remaining thirty wakeful fragrances. He tuned the mud, put it on the board, and put his finger on it.

With this ride, the feeling is different.

The fragrant mud seemed to stick to the skin, as if it were one, and the density, texture, texture, and even taste were clearly mapped in consciousness. And this sense of consciousness is no longer illusory, imaginary, but agile and specific, just as it is to live.

Nanjing Night Net was a little surprised, but immediately dispelled distractions and began to rub like ten thousand times.

The rooms are quiet and the atmosphere is old and mysterious.

With his incitement, the fragrant mud slowly extended and narrowed under the fingers, and finally formed an evenly-smeared, thick-colored incense, like a finely crafted work of art.

“This is… too beautiful?”

Nanjing Night Net stopped the action and looked at the incense stick repeatedly. Even she was surprised. When he did this incense, he did not feel like “making” but sublimated into a kind of “creation”.

Ten years of accumulation, from hand to heart, from craft to realm, from craftsmanship to reiki – this is a level of ascension.

He was reluctant to create this, and immediately squeezed a little mud and started to make a second one.

Thirty strands of incense were actually shortened by half the time of yesterday. The neat code was on the chopping board, giving a unique sense of comfort.

Nanjing Night Net did not feel tired. As usual, it covered a few blank sheets and waited for the shade. The incense that was done yesterday was already dried. He walked to the hospital with a tray and lifted off the hanging board to reveal a small cellar.

This is the benefit of the countryside. There is no place to dig in the city. The age of the cellar is not small, or the grandfather dug that year, the standard Tibetan incense pit.

He jumped and placed the plate on the shelf. After half a month later, the pyrotechnic air dissipated, which was the wake of the finished product.

In the early summer, the night is getting longer.

The whole Phoenix set shrouded in the darkness, the sparks were little, the dogs were crouching and insulting, and the husband and wife quarrelled and the child’s trifling noises were vaguely heard. Looking to the east, it is a completely different scene. The traffic is bustling and the street lights are bright. The business has not yet been closed and the energetic young customers are guarded.

Within a city, it is like two worlds.

Nanjing Night Net stood in the empty yard for a while until it was a bit cold before it was wiped out of the house. The man fell on the bed, but he could not sleep at all, and he stared at the dark roof.

When people have adventures, they will have an upsurge of emotions, but they have different performances. He is a normal (sao) character of the “Eight Children”, and his feelings are not exposed, but it does not mean that he is not excited, not excited, and not confused.

Physical and mental health, sexuality to the normal 21 years of life, the results of a squirrel opened a mysterious door – how so strange?

He longed for, and determined to push the door open to see how wonderful the world was. Even if this path is difficult, there are many thorns.

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