That night, Nanjing Night Net made a total of thirty and slept very late.

That night, Nanjing Night Net made a total of thirty and slept very late.

But the next morning, he still got up on time, refused to eat, packed up and went out on the cart. Just out, this cargo went back to the house and took three de-worming pills.

This fragrant pill is harmless to humans. Snake-mouse and mouse ants are extremely annoying and almost avoid it. He goes into the mountains every day, and is necessary for his personal use. As for the original one, well… it has been given to both sisters.

“Oh, my spirit is not very good?”

“Um, didn’t sleep well yesterday. Did you eat yet?”

“No, make a trip to the hill.”

“Hey, Lao Wang, you sell souvenirs today, but what about meat skewers?”

“I didn’t buy duck meat. I would like to rest for a few days.”

In a chaotic conversation, six or seven donkeys from the various hutongs rushed out of the hutongs, and they naturally set aside to ride to Phoenix Mountain.

They are small traders and their profession is not fixed. If you have money to make a living today, then you will not go uphill. If you don’t work tomorrow, then continue to take the burden. Things to sell are also miscellaneous, ranging from fake mutton skewers to wholesale souvenirs, to homemade cucumbers and tomatoes, and more.

This number of students was basically contracted by the Phoenix set. He said that foreigners who are in the East, South, and North cities want to go up the mountain.

Nanjing Night Net quietly followed behind and listened to uncle and uncles who were all rushing and quickly arrived at the old coward’s yard. Everyone took the donkey away and then went into the mountains.

They are still lined up and go one by one. Each has its own booth and no one can scramble for it. He is still at the end. The man in his forties is in front of him. The surname is Fang Fang’s father.

“Oh, I’ve been licking that girl’s performance. Did you say you can get a high score?”

“I’ve seen Qing Qing’s paper. To tell the truth, it’s more difficult than it should be. The second highest hope is still quite big.”

“Hey, she’ll have you doing the slightest thing! Look at you, when the book was read, but the first college student in the village.”

“Uncle, you don’t worry. It’s still a month away from the entrance exam. You can surprise yourself, and the exams are all about playing…”

One high is the first high school, the provincial key school, the second high is one level worse. Nanjing Night Net is carrying its burden and is comforting the poor father all the way.

Regardless of whether Grandpa is alive or not, Fang Jia has always taken care of himself. Fang Qing also likes his own little sister. However, she is really not interested in learning. Even at the second high school, the probability is half and half.

The two men talked and talked. It was only a long time before they reached the mountainside. The people in front of them could no longer see it.



Walking, I do not know where a cry came, it is very anxious panic. The two stopped and took a closer look. Fang Shu pointed to the side: “Over there!”

When Nanjing Night Net went, it was in the jungle to the right. A gray-haired squirrel was caught by the weeds. Not far away, there was a green snake swimming slowly.

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