The squirrel also put a paw, and one person and one mouse bid farewell.


Originally thought to be a real-life urban text, he changed his style when he did not agree.

Nanjing Night Net did not know how dangerous the situation was just now. He was already occupied by the soul of the Tucao. He was also accompanied by fear and excitement. It is no wonder that the 21-year-old worldview has been completely refreshed, and the great young people, who have always been guided by the idea of ​​scientific development, have suddenly lost their power.

“calm down!”

He crossed Mazar and sat down hard, trying his best to recall what had just passed.

The entrance of the red fruit turns into a coldness and walks in the body. It seems that one has lost consciousness, but one can still feel it. That coolness should sink into the field of Dantian, forming a small group, hey, very wonderful things.

He is really not sure, but there is a feeling of vagueness.

“I have to think about it. Generally like this, I should first…”

The goods muttered a few words, then opened his sleeves and revealed a fairly white arm. He was paralyzed again, neither black mud nor foul odor.

“Hey, I’ll say squirrel LOW! People can detoxify, how can I not?”

Nanjing Night Net grinned and saw no tourists around. They sat cross-legged on the grass and closed their eyes. He is not dead, and all kinds of brain holes in the moment are brought together.

That’s right, it’s an almost universal method of all kinds of systems.

In general, ordinary people must practice for a certain period of time before they reach the static effect, but he does not need it. Since I was a child, I began to make incense. Over the past decade or so, my heart has been thoroughly tempered. So in a few breaths, he switched from the Tucao state to the elders state.



He kept a deep breath with rhythm, with no distractions and clear consciousness. At first, there was no change, but gradually, there was a kind of extremely fluctuating air-like fluctuations, floating slowly and lingeringly around it.

And this kind of faint fluctuation is similar to that of Dan Tian’s group.

Nanjing Night Net continues to sit quietly, only to feel more and more fluctuating, but it is not always close, not to enter the body. After a long time, he opened his eyes and was very happy and sorry.

The joy is that if the inference is good, then the swings and things in Dantian are the aura between heaven and earth.

It is a pity that although Hong Guo has done a great job and he can feel reiki, he will not be able to learn anything from his spiritual practice.

This is too bad!

It was like trying hard to learn corpse killing. As a result, people were all buried in the sea. Learned to work hard to learn the gold points, the results can be handed over to the country. All the way to the upgrade brushed the European Grand Slam, married with the fat white, the result of a guy finished.


Nanjing Night Network seems to laugh like sighs, and sure enough, life is less than eighty-nine.

His temperament was peaceful and there was not much complaining, seeing that the squirrel had been keeping the peasant’s body on his side, and he said, “You are so spiritual, and you must have also eaten something.”

“Where did you pick this fruit?”

“Is there anything else there?”

“You still see, you see, did you know that you didn’t follow the Basic Law?”

He moaned a few words, and the squirrel just squatted his head, not knowing what he meant.

“Oh, forget…”

Nanjing Night Website got up and stood upright, suddenly squatted: “Fat brother, you’re too expensive for this ceremony, but I owe you something. Thank you!”

Fat your sister! Your family is fat!

The squirrel couldn’t understand the human language because of the loss. It just saw human salute, then it was happy and barking, and it reached the ground.

Nanjing Night Net also smiled and looked at the lateness of the day. Then it said: “Well, I have to go. There is nothing to eat today. Bring you some tomorrow.”

After that, he put his hands on his lips and made a pod of peanuts. Well, this squirrel can understand it, and it’s like a big tail wolf.

Nanjing night nets to pick up the good things, to shoulder a burden, and my heart suddenly a move. The heavy burden was so light and light that it was effortless.

He knew that this must be the reason of reiki, so he waved his hand and said: “Fat brother, bye!”


The squirrel also put a paw, and one person and one mouse bid farewell.

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