They stopped again and took the burden and took it to the mountains.


The green snake was getting closer and the squirrel’s feet were wrapped up to death. They struggled in vain and the call was sharp.

“Uncle, you can wait for me.”

Fang Shu looked at no interest and waved his hand and wanted to leave. Nanjing Night Net couldn’t bear to put his finger down and turn it into the woods. He stepped on the thick weeds and issued rustling footsteps. Both animals were aware of it and they rushed to the side.


The squirrel struggled harder and the green snake spitred, seemingly irritated, because it smelled a familiar and annoying taste.

Nanjing Night Net didn’t think much about it, squatting on it and stepping toward it. But when he came to the front, he could not help but be surprised. The snake was just restless and he did not turn away as he used to.

Huh? This is not science!

Is it bad? No, I just recently.

Just when he was strange, the green snake licked his tongue again, and despite the human being in front, he continued to swim to the prey. It seems to be in its cognition that the squirrel carries a certain deadly attraction.

“Good guys!”

When Nanjing Night Net saw it, it immediately picked up a long branch and decided to face the anus. The snake seemed to be in danger. He suddenly jerked his head, and the black vertical pupil suddenly contracted, with the cold and brutal character of a cold-blooded animal.

He is also not ambiguous. When he was young, he didn’t have to beat the snakes up the mountain. He immediately tightened his branches and stared at each other’s seven inches. And just at this time, I suddenly heard a bang, a stone flew from behind and wiped the green snake’s torso down.


I saw Fang Shu also smashing a piece of gravel, squatting in his mouth, and quickly came from behind. At first sight, the action was funny, the momentum was very fierce, and the green snake saw it as a meal. It seemed to measure the combat effectiveness and loss ratio of both sides.

In the end, it had a glimpse of the eyelid, still reluctant to wipe away.


I do not know why, Nanjing Night Net’s spine suddenly emerged a cold air, a moment before the green snake left, clearly with a naked hatred.

This is to be fine!

He shook his head, held his mind forward, and unlocked the squirrel’s foot. Fortunately, I was not injured. I was a bit stiff. I walked a few steps through the little things. I was a good rat who was alive and kicking.

“Okay, it’s okay. Go back and pick up the peanuts!”

He got up and jokingly said good-bye. When he heard that the squirrel closed his small paws, he also bowed.


Nanjing night nets stayed stunned and met one. It can be said that it was accidental. At the same time, when they met two, it was very strange! He froze for a moment and looked up again. The little thing had run for a long time.

“Oh, don’t worry, let’s go!”

On the other side, Fang Shu greeted the blind man. He woke up and repented: “Come on!”

“When you were young, there were only a few snakes. Later, they were all clean. I haven’t seen it for a long time. How come suddenly?”

“If the mountain is so big, it may be hidden, but the snake is quite beautiful, with no noise.”

The two men were talking about this strangely while they were walking. They had already put a lot of effort into their lives. They stopped again and took the burden and took it to the mountains.

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